Trade Conference

This interdisciplinary conference will address the critical financial and business issues impacting the global connectivity industry and explore opportunities in the private and public equity and debt capital markets for investment in this fast-growing sector.

Start Date: Tuesday, 19 Jun 18
Venue: Venue SIX10

Conference Series Ltd proudly invites contributors across the globe to 4th International Conference and Exhibition on Satellite & Space Missions (Satellite-2018). The conference is an amalgamation of research professionals from universities, Space centers, research labs, policy makers, government bodies, spacecraft industries and other space research organizations creating an atmosphere conducive for information exchange between academia and industry.

Start Date: Monday, 18 Jun 18
Venue: Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia

The Casbaa Satellite Industry Forum 2018 brings together a wide range of world-class speakers from the industry to deal with crucial issues in a full day of keynote presentations and panel discussions.

Start Date: Monday, 25 Jun 18
Venue: Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

Since 1988, the Space Frontier Foundation has been focused on growing the commercial space industry on the path to space settlement. In doing so, the Foundation has established the NewSpace conference as a forum for space entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, government decision makers, and commercial space companies to convene and to further advance space development through exclusive interactions.

Start Date: Tuesday, 26 Jun 18
Venue: Hyatt Regency Lake Washington at Seattle’s Southport

With the FY18 National Defence Authorization Act (NDA Act) promising ‘Fundamental Reform of National Security Space’ as well as the Wideband Analysis of Alternatives (AoA) expected to conclude in the first half of the year, MilSatCom USA will provide the perfect forum to address pressing issues facing the future of US MilSatCom programmes.

Start Date: Wednesday, 27 Jun 18
Venue: Key Bridge Marriott

Inspired by the radical changes in the ICT industry, the refreshed CommunicAsia continues to be Asia’s most established and relevant event for industry professionals in the telecommunications sector. It brings together thought-leaders, decision makers, influencers throughout the ecosystem to network, explore new technologies, share ideas and create valuable opportunities for all.

Start Date: from Tuesday, 26 Jun 18 to Thursday, 28 Jun 18
Venue: Marina bay sands convention centre

Attended by more than 3000 worldwide participants including leading stakeholders & decision-makers: entrepreneurs, Space Agency directors, executives of key organizations and political leaders, the TOULOUSE SPACE SHOW is a major global forum dedicated to novel Space solutions, highlighting future trends & the new Space economy.

Start Date: Tuesday, 26 Jun 18
Venue: Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis

Recognizing that there was no one venue that brought the aviation industry together to address challenges and future direction with a broad, integrating view of the aviation marketplace, AIAA and The Boeing Company started partnering in 2010 to develop a new event.

Start Date: Monday, 25 Jun 18
Venue: Hyatt Regency Atlanta

The growth of small satellites has been fueled by the promise of shorter development cycles, lower cost, new technology, and more frequent access to space. During the 32nd AIAA/USU Conference on Small Satellites, we will explore the new technologies, design methods, processes, operational constructs, and activities that inform and secure the success of small satellite missions.

Start Date: Saturday, 04 Aug 18
Venue: Utah State University

The 9th Advanced Satellite Multimedia Systems Conference and the 15th Signal Processing for Space Communications Workshop are jointly organized by the DLR Institute for Communications and Navigation, the European Space Agency and the University of Bologna.

Start Date: Monday, 10 Sep 18
Venue: DIN-Platz