Meetings & Networking

The Space and Defense Software Expo is presented by AGI, runs from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and is free to attend. Current locations include: Colorado Springs, CO (Oct. 16), Denver, CO (Oct. 18), Los Angeles, CA (Oct. 23), Columbia, MD (Oct. 30), Chantilly, VA (Nov. 1), Boston, MA (Nov. 6). Meet up with expert developers, attend most relevant hands-on training courses, learn about new enterprise and space situational awareness products, and network with local colleagues.

Start Date: Tuesday, 16 Oct 18
Venue: Colorado Springs Marriott

250 space science, business, engineering and policy leaders will discuss plans to settle space and Return to the Moon. 8 New Visionaries will present leading edge scientific papers on how to settle Mars and Free Space. 6 Space Entrepreneurs will present their ideas for the next space blockbuster business

Start Date: Friday, 09 Nov 18
Venue: University of Texas at Austin AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
United States