Subsystem Manufacturers / Integrators

List of companies that provide solutions for the space segment, space satellite subsystem manufacturers, system integrators & solution providers.

OHB Italia SpA is a leading company in Italy in the field of space systems design, development and integration. The company is a subsidiary of OHB SE. A prime contractor at systems level and as supplier of subsystems, instruments and equipment for the space segment.

The company is found embarked on satellites from each and every one of the leading integrators in the world. Have participated and continue to participate in major projects of the European Space Agency (ESA), supplying key systems for the reception and transmission of mission data and TT&C.

Antwerp Space is a leading company in Belgium, active in the field of satellite communications. It is part of OHB SE, a European Space and Technology group that currently employs over 2400 people.

Bradford is a high-tech European developer and manufacturer of satellite control sub-systems and components. The company develops and manufactures satellite attitude and orbit control subsystems, propulsion systems, avionics, thermal products, and instruments for spacecraft worldwide.

United States
Ducommun is a global provider of manufacturing and engineering services, developing innovative electronic, engineered and structural solutions for complex applications in aerospace, defense and industrial markets.

SKYLABS is a space-technology oriented company providing miniaturized on-board data handling solutions and innovative approach to space engineering.

SkyLabs is primarily focusing onto high-tech tailor-made solution development, including fault tolerant hardware and software development, digital signal processing, radiation hardened by design IP core development.

SpaceTech is an independent German medium size enterprise operating in the space sector. With a deep passion for space we offer a wide spectrum of products and services for science and Earth observation space missions.