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    Pumpkin has been a leader in the CubeSat industry for over 20 years and offers nanosatellite components and complete buses since 2003. Pumpkin has delivered nanosatellites to the US and other government agencies and commercial entities with an exceptional success rate.

    Pumpkin is a heavily engineering-focused company, with a reputation for rapidly creating and delivering working technical solutions to difficult small satellite problems.

    The company has contributed many "firsts" to the small satellite industry, including the 104-pin CubeSat connector standard; the NRO's first unclassified contract (Colony I bus); the 56W triple-deployable solar array for the 3U, 4kg NGC Mayflower mission; pluggable processor modules (PPMs) for use as C&DH platforms; wire-EDM chassis structures; off-the-shelf availability of sheet metal structures; GaNFET-based EPS; and intelligent battery systems with state-of-charge reporting.

    Pumpkin has considerable in-house expertise and talent to combine challenging payloads and Pumpkin buses into integrated 3/6/12U nanosatellites, the currently flying DST Group's Buccaneer Risk Reduction Mission (BRRM 1) being the latest successful on-orbit example.

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