Eurospace – a not for profit organisation incorporated under the French law of 1901 – fosters the development of space activities in Europe and promotes a better understanding of space industry related issues and problems. It gathers industry-relevant information and maintains permanent liaison with ESA (the European Space Agency), National Space Agencies (CNES/France, DLR/Germany, ASI/Italy) and in general any organisation using or compelling the use of space techniques such as the European governments or the European Union.

Eurospace was founded in 1961 as the organisation of the then emerging space industry. Ever since, Eurospace has counted the membership of the major industrial space companies in Europe under the chairmanship of charismatic industry leaders such as Mr Delorme (founder President and CEO of L’Air Liquide until 1993), Mr Vallerani (President of Alenia Spazio until 1998), Mr Öfverholm (President of Saab Ericsson Space), Mr Carlier (CEO of Astrium in 2001), Mrs Pascale Sourisse (CEO of Thales Alenia Space), Mr Marco Fuchs (CEO of OHB-System), up to the current President Jean-Loïc Galle (CEO, Thales Alenia Space).

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