Norwegian Industrial Forum For Space Activities (NIFRO)



Norwegian Industrial Forum for Space Activities, NIFRO, was established in 1986 by a group of space industry companies and research institutes. NIFRO is the national organization formed to promote the interests and growth of Norwegian space industry.

NIFRO’s role:

  • Providing the primary forum for industry dialogue with the Norwegian government and with other national and international stakeholders.
  • Promoting greater awareness within authorities, government, the media, the public and other key stakeholders of the wide-ranging benefits from one of the Norway’s most innovative, high skilled and value-adding sectors.
  • Providing a forum to promote networking and collaboration among members within the Norwegian space segment.
  • Contribute to growth in Norway’s share of the global space market, by promoting the best commercial, political and public environment for the space industry in Norway.
  • Contribute to awareness around the national benefits of a strong Norwegian space industry.
Drammensveien 165 N-0277 Oslo