USO – Ultra Stable Oscillator for JUICE (JUpiter Icy moons Explorer)


AccuBeat in cooperation with ISA has developed an Ultra Stable Oscillator (USO) for ESA’s
JUICE mission as part of a radio science occultation experiment headed by the radio science
laboratory in Rome University. The experiment will probe Jupiter’s Galilean moons
atmosphere by following the phase variations of the radio waves passing through the
atmosphere while the spacecraft transmits to earth using AccuBeat’s ultra-high stability
frequency source. AccuBeat’s USO is a high-stability quartz crystal oscillator utilizing a high Q
crystal resonator and high temperature stability in the range of 100μ kelvin. Key attributes of
AccuBeat’s USO are:

  • Ultra high stability with ADEV < 5E-13 (1-1000sec)
  • Radiation up to 100krad
  • Size 12x12x12 cm
  • Frequency 56.4 MHz
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