AR76 – Ground segment for Satcom


The AR76A is a multi-function GNSS Disciplined Rubidium Atomic Clock, which provides
accurate time & frequency and is highly suited as the timing and synchronization unit
for a Satcom ground segment. The AR76A incorporates numerous features into a single
box, including a Rubidium Frequency Standard, an internal GNSS receiver, and an input
from an external 1PPS source. Key attributes of the AccuBeat AR76 are:

  • Frequency Accuracy: 1E-12
  • 1PPS accuracy: 20ns RMS
  • Holdover: 1μs/24 hours, 5E-11/month
  • 20 outputs (10MHz, 1PPS, TOD)
  • Up to 3 channels LAN interface (NTP, PTP)
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