Market Reports

List of industry reports published by market research companies such as Northern Sky Research (NSR), Euroconsult, Bryce Space and Technology.

NSR’s Maritime Satcom Markets, 7th Edition report is the industry’s leading resource for analysis of the vital maritime satellite communications market worldwide. From GEO to LEO and FSS to MSS, this NSR report is a must-have for analyzing maritime Satcom growth. At over $2.5 Billion in retail revenue in 2018, growing at an average 7.8% over the next ten years, the seas have the potential to generate significant connectivity revenues for the satellite Industry.
Published: May 2019 |
NSR’s Optical Satellite Communications (OSC) report is an industry first report that analyses the dynamics of the evolving space-based laser communication ecosystem. As an alternative to increasingly crowded RF communication channels, free-space optical communication (FSOC) systems can offer much higher bandwidth, power savings, lower mass and antenna sizes.
Published: Apr 2019 |
NSR’s Wireless Backhaul & 5G via Satellite, 13th Edition is the longest-standing industry analysis and forecast of the Satellite Backhaul and Trunking backbone sector. The study covers the global installed base of sites broken down by 7 regions, forecasts capacity demand, assesses capacity revenues as well as CPE shipments and revenues.
Published: Apr 2019 |
Building on NSR’s long tradition of evaluating demand for aircraft connectivity, Aeronautical Satcom Markets, 7th Edition offers the leading analysis and market research on in-flight connectivity (IFC). With 13+ years of experience actively tracking and forecasting this market, NSR’s unique analysis offers the most thorough and in-depth assessment for all types of in-flight connectivity, from FSS/MSS to GEO & non-GEO HTS connectivity through Air-to-Ground services.
Published: Apr 2019 |
Incumbent players in the satellite communication market are experiencing challenges in retaining the revenue growth rates due to increased competition from terrestrial networks and excess in-orbit capacities leading to pricing pressures. Satellite communication ecosystem is going through a transformation phase with new entrants planning to offer in...
Published: Mar 2019 |
Covers top start-up space companies attracting investment, leading space VCs and other investors, and trends over time. Bryce Space and Technology’s Start-Up Space series reflects Bryce’s commitment to aiding decision-making in industry, government, and academia by providing rigorous analyses of industry dynamics.
NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 5th Edition (2019) continues as the leading industry resource for satellite capacity pricing worldwide. Built on 15+ years of pricing research and synthesized with inputs from top strategic leaders in the satellite operator and service provider industry, NSR’s Satellite Capacity Pricing Index, 5th Edition (2019) delivers thought-provoking insights into how multiple factors affect pricing. Building on a per region and per application analysis, this report presents a quantitative evolution across the market until 2020.
Published: Mar 2019 |
NSR’s In-Orbit Servicing Markets, 2nd Edition report is the leading resource for assessment of this nascent but fast-growing market. This NSR report deep dives into the main service offerings for GEO and NGEO assets and evaluates prospects across all key applications. The value proposition of these services and technology readiness are assessed against the market needs and tolerance. Key In-Orbit Servicing players and their current and future capabilities are also discussed.
Published: Mar 2019 |
This report covers smallsats from 2012-2019 including commercial, government, and academic trends.
NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antennas, 4th Edition (FPA4) report is the leading and ONLY resource for analyzing the dynamic and fast-growing FPA market. FPAs include mechanically and/or electronically-steered, low-profile, typically phased array, antennas that have been under development for some time, and are making a larger entrance to mobile and fixed broadband markets recently. This report provides a complete assessment on the business and technological development of FPAs, as well as an assessment of current and forecasted opportunities for shipped equipment in all applicable verticals and regions.
Published: Feb 2019 |