Market Reports

List of industry reports published by market research companies such as Northern Sky Research (NSR), Euroconsult, Bryce Space and Technology.

NSR’s Flat Panel Satellite Antennas, 4th Edition (FPA4) report is the leading and ONLY resource for analyzing the dynamic and fast-growing FPA market. FPAs include mechanically and/or electronically-steered, low-profile, typically phased array, antennas that have been under development for some time, and are making a larger entrance to mobile and fixed broadband markets recently. This report provides a complete assessment on the business and technological development of FPAs, as well as an assessment of current and forecasted opportunities for shipped equipment in all applicable verticals and regions.
Published: Feb 2019 |
This report provides figures on total launches, including breakdown on commercial launches by country.
NSR’s Emerging Space Markets Analysis, 2nd Edition (ESMA2) addresses the global market of players driving development of new applications or new approaches to the space industry, and the investments they have generated. Over the past decade, hundreds of players have entered the global space industry, bringing new practices and more novel applications than at any other point in the industry’s history. Supported by diverse private investment, these players have grabbed headlines but also raised many questions...
Published: Feb 2019 |
Satellite Value Chain: The Snapshot brings together a selection of key trends and indicators on supply and demand from Euroconsult’s reports complemented by additional dedicated research on the commercial satellite business to give you a snapshot of the commercial satellite value chain. Along with the introductory/overview section, the report includes sections on satellite manufacturing & launch services, satellite communications, Earth observation, and satellite navigation.
Published: Dec 2018 |
This graphic report covers human orbital spaceflight statistics. Artwork and layout by Phil Smith.
NSR’s VSAT and Broadband Satellite Markets, 17th Edition (VBSM17) is the longest-running industry analysis of the fixed broadband satellite sector, including all key markets, verticals and regions. The study covers the global installed base of sites and subscribers broken down by 5 regions, forecasts capacity demand, assesses capacity and service revenues as well as CPE shipments and revenues.
Published: Jan 2019 |
China Space Industry 2018 provides a deep-dive analysis of the current Chinese space ecosystem and future expected evolutions. Focuses include the value-chain, the strategic priorities of the government space program and dynamics by application domain including science & exploration, satellite communications, satellite navigation and Earth observation. The report also analyzes the Chinese space ecosystem and the policies impacting it, providing an overview of four of the fastest-changing space markets in China: satellite manufacturing, the launch industry, satellite communications and IoT & EO.
Published: Nov 2018 |