SpaceX reports raising a billion dollars for Starlink and Starship space projects 24 May 2019
SpaceX Successfully Launches 1st Batch of Starlink Satellites 24 May 2019
SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket deals out a deck of 60 Starlink internet satellites 24 May 2019
SpaceX Delays Starlink Launch a 2nd Time 17 May 2019
Musk says Starlink “economically viable” with around 1,000 satellites 16 May 2019
SpaceX to launch 60 Starlink satellites 15 May 2019
Falcon 9 rocket rolled out for first dedicated Starlink launch 13 May 2019
Elon Musk reveals how to stuff 60 Starlink satellites on SpaceX’s Falcon rocket 12 May 2019
SpaceX to launch “dozens” of Starlink satellites May 15, more Starlink launches to follow 07 May 2019
SpaceX Dragon Heads to Space Station with NASA Science, Cargo 04 May 2019
Falcon 9 launches Dragon cargo spacecraft to ISS 04 May 2019
SpaceX offers new details on Crew Dragon test anomaly 02 May 2019
SpaceX resupply launch delayed by malfunction on space station 30 April 2019
FCC Approves Lower Orbit for SpaceX Starlink Satellites 29 April 2019
FCC OKs lower orbit for some Starlink satellites 27 April 2019
FCC approves SpaceX’s revised Starlink satellite plan; first wave gets set for liftoff 26 April 2019
Safety panel urges patience in SpaceX Crew Dragon investigation 25 April 2019
SpaceX likely to move next rocket landing to drone ship 23 April 2019
SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft suffers anomaly during ground tests 20 April 2019
SpaceX confirms anomaly during Crew Dragon abort engine test 20 April 2019
SpaceX Raises Additional $500 Million 15 April 2019
Falcon Heavy Launch Lofts Arabsat-6A and Achieves Historic Triple Rocket Landing 12 April 2019
NASA awards DART launch contract to SpaceX 12 April 2019
Falcon Heavy sends first commercial satellite into orbit 11 April 2019
SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket launches Arabsat-6A as its first commercial payload 11 April 2019