Telesat’s LEO plan: dedicated satellite factory, bulk launch contracts and a variety of antennas 09 May 2019
Telesat to receive constellation bids this summer 02 May 2019
Indonesia’s iForte To Lease Capacity On Telesat’s Telstar-18 High Throughput Satellite 04 April 2019
Telesat Snags First “Major” LEO Constellation Customer and Could Get Budget Boost 18 March 2019
Maritime connectivity provider OmniAccess is first customer for Telesat’s LEO satellite network 13 March 2019
No clear cost estimates, but Telesat starts moving money around for its LEO satellite broadband project 01 March 2019
Telesat reports results for the Quarter and Year ended December 31, 2018 01 March 2019
Telesat LEO contenders pitch Canadian production to sweeten deal 11 February 2019
Gilat demonstrates exceptional maritime connectivity over Telesat’s Phase 1 LEO satellite 07 February 2019
Blue Origin Wins Telesat LEO 31 January 2019
Telesat Makes a Calculated Gamble on Blue Origin to Launch LEO Satellite Constellation 31 January 2019
Telesat partners with Alphabet’s Loon to design a network operating system for Telesat’s global LEO satellite constellation 31 January 2019
Blue Origin’s powerful New Glenn Rocket to launch Telesat’s advanced global LEO satellite constellation 31 January 2019
Airbus Completes Systems Requirements Review For Telesat LEO Low-Latency Constellation 30 January 2019
Airbus and the Thales Alenia Space, Maxar Consortium Complete System Requirements Review for Telesat’s LEO Constellation 25 January 2019
Thales Alenia Space and Maxar consortium achieve major milestone in design phase of Telesat’s LEO satellite constellation 24 January 2019
Telesat picks Airbus Defence and Space as second constellation design partner 01 August 2018
Global Eagle to collaborate on Telesat LEO constellation 16 May 2018
Big Fall in Operating Expenses for Telesat's Q1 2018 03 May 2018